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NCERT Class-1 Maths Book is helpful for the preparation of exams because most schools follow the same syllabus covered in the Maths textbook. Class 1 Maths textbook Math-Magic-1 has 13 chapters. This book covers topics like Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Shapes, etc. At the end of each chapter, math problems are given for students to practice regularly.

We have provided a chapter-wise and complete book PDF link of Class-1 Maths Book in English and Hindi language below:

Download PDF of Maths Book in English For Class 1


Chapter-1 Shapes and Space

Chapter-2 Numbers from One to Nine

Chapter-3 Addition

Chapter-4 Subtraction

Chapter-5 Numbers from Ten to Twenty

Chapter-6 Time

Chapter-7 Measurement

Chapter-8 Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty

Chapter-9 Data Handling

Chapter-10 Patterns

Chapter-11 Numbers

Chapter-12 Money

Chapter-13 How Many

Download Complete Book of Class 1 Maths in English

Download PDF of Maths Book in Hindi For Class 1 Ganit Ka Jadu



अध्याय-1 आकृतियाँ और स्थान

अध्याय-2 एक से नौ तक की संख्याएँ

अध्याय-3 जोड़

अध्याय-4 घटाव

अध्याय-5 दस से बीस तक की संख्याएँ

अध्याय-6 समय

अध्याय-7 माप

अध्याय-8 21 से 50 तक की संख्याएँ

अध्याय-9 आंकड़ों का उपयोग

अध्याय-10 पैटर्न

अध्याय-11 संख्याएँ

अध्याय-12 मुद्रा

अध्याय-13 बताओ कितने

Download Complete Book of Class 1 Maths in Hindi

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