CERT Books for Class-5 Maths

NCERT Books for Class-5 Maths consists of 14 chapters. This book contains exercises behind every chapter for more practice. We provided a chapter-wise and complete book PDF of Class-5 Maths in English and Hindi language.

Math-Magic in English and Ganit Ka Jadu in Hindi. Students can free download the Class 5 Maths textbook as per their medium.

Download PDF of Maths Book in English For Class 5


Chapter-1 The Fish Tale

Chapter-2 Shapes and Angles

Chapter-3 How Many Squares?

Chapter-4 Parts and Wholes

Chapter-5 Does it Look the Same

Chapter-6 Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

Chapter-7 Can You See the Pattern?

Chapter-8 Mapping Your Way

Chapter-9 Boxes and Sketches

Chapter-10 Tenths and Hundredths

Chapter-11 Area and Its Boundary

Chapter-12 Smart Charts

Chapter-13 Ways to Multiply and Divide

Chapter-14 How Big? How Heavy?

Download Complete Book of Class 5 Maths in English

Download PDF of Maths Book in Hindi For Class 5


अध्याय-1 मछली उछली

अध्याय-2 कोण और आकृतियाँ

अध्याय-3 कितने वर्ग?

अध्याय-4 हिस्से और पूरे

अध्याय-5 क्या यह एक जैसा दिखता है?

अध्याय-6 मैं तेरा गुणनखंड, गुणज तू मेरा

अध्याय-7 क्या तुम पैटर्न देख सकते हो?

अध्याय-8 नक्शा

अध्याय-9 डिब्बे और स्कैच

अध्याय-10 दसवाँ और सौवाँ भाग

अध्याय-11 क्षेत्रफल और घेरा

अध्याय-12 स्मार्ट चार्ट

अध्याय-13 गुणा और भाग करने के तरीके

अध्याय-14 कितना बड़ा? कितना भारी?

Download Complete Book of Class 5 Maths in Hindi

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