NCERT Books for Class 1 English

English has been always being one of the most important subjects now-a-days. This is not only important for academic purposes but also helps in daily life. Class 1 students need to study two English textbooks – Marigold and Raindrops. NCERT Class-1 English Book, Marigold, and Raindrops in PDF format can be downloaded by the students from here. Marigold textbook of English for Class 1 has 10 Units and Raindrops has 19 Chapters.

Learn CBSE have provided the unit/chapter-wise PDF of NCERT Class-1 English Books, Marigold and Raindrops for Class 1 here.

Download PDF of English Book Marigold For Class 1


Unit-1 A Happy Child and Three Little Pigs

Unit-2 After a Bath and The Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe

Unit-3 One Little Kitten and Lalu and Peelu

Unit-4 Once I Saw a Little Bird and Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Unit-5 Merry-Go-Round and Circle

Unit-6 If I Were an Apple and Our Tree

Unit-7 A Kite and Sundari

Unit-8 A Little Turtle and The Tiger and the Mosquito

Unit-9 Clouds and Anandi’s Rainbow

Unit-10 Flying-Man and The Tailor and his Friend

Download Complete Book of Class 1 English Marigold

Download PDF of English Book Raindrops For Class 1



Chapter-1 Clap, Clap, Clap

Chapter-2 One, Two

Chapter-3 The Little Bird

Chapter-4 Bubbles

Chapter-5 Chhotu

Chapter-6 Animals and Birds

Chapter-7 Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter-8 Who Am I

Chapter-9 Hide and Seek

Chapter-10 Fun with Numbers

Chapter-11 Shapes

Chapter-12 Cats

Chapter-13 Colours

Chapter-14 Actions We Do

Chapter-15 Left and Right

Chapter-16 The Lion and the Mouse

Chapter-17 Morning and Evening

Chapter-18 May I Come In

Chapter-19 Action Song

Download Complete Book of Class 1 English Raindrops

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